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Merchant Mariner Credential Study Apps

Study Mate is a FANTASTIC app series that has 1000s of multiple choice questions given on the actual test by the USCG. It is intuitive and easy to use. It's great for learning the Rules or just keeping yourself polished. Its all inclusive so It's GREAT at sea, or anywhere you want to study.

Study Mate preferneces can set the quantity of questions in each test, and questions based on your past history answered : Right, Wrong, New Question, or Any. It grades your test and keeps up with your answers. You can then go back and quiz yourself on past wrong answers.

You can quiz yourself over and over until you answer all the questions right! Then you can reset all your questions and start all over!! Study Mate shows you the total number answered, total number right and wrong, and your overall grade.

Study Mate is a GREAT tool for mastering all the questions for each of the Mariner test catagories.

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